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Ari i malformation cerebellar ectopia and small posterior fossa + brainstem malformation with beaked midbrain + spinal mineingomyelocele chiari ii malformation occipito-cervical encephalocele + small posterior fossa + inferior displacement of brainstem +/- cerebellar ectopia chiari iii malformation severe cerebellar hypoplasia + meningomyelocele chiari iv malformation small posterior fossa + normally placed cerebellar tonsils chiari 0 malformation cerebellar ectopia and small posterior fossa + beaked midbrain without spinal meningomyelocele chiari 1. 5 malformation what is the most common presenting symptoms of chiari i malformation? Pain - usually occipito-nuchal, paroxysmal and associated with dizziness kid has a headache that kids worse when he coughs and is associated with dizziness. What is the diagnosis? Chiari i malformation what is the most common presenting symptom of syrinx in chiari i malformation kids? Scoliosis and cape-like sensory loss kid has a cape-like sensory loss on upper extremities, what is the diagnosis? Chiari i malformation kid has progressive hydrocephalus signs, cerebellar signs, brainstem signs + leg paralysis and atrophy and sphincteric dysfunction. What is the diagnosis? Chiari ii malformation infant has eczema, mr, seizures, hypopigmentation, musty body odor. What is the diagnosis? Pku what is the heredity pattern of tay sachs? Ar whatis deficient in tay sachs? viagra without a doctor prescription cheapest place to buy viagra online cheap generic viagra discount generic viagra secure canadian pharmacy online cheap viagra buying generic viagra on line cheapest viagra online pharmacy generic viagra sales Hexa is deficient, hex b is normal neuroimaging: macrocephaly wihtout hydrocephalus tay-sachs 9 month old has developmental delay, weakness, decreased visual attentiveness + cherry red spot. What is the diagnosis? Tay-sachs what does the eeg show in tay sachs? Paroxysmal spikes and slow waves define cerebral palsy chronic motor disability of cerebral origin that can evolve but is not progressive that usually appears by 1 yoa (deformity) what are the 4 subtypes of cerebral palsy? 1. Spastic, dystonic, 3. Ataxic, 4. Athetoid what is the most common congenital malformation of the brain? Anencephaly a cleft of spinal cord resulted from failure of the neural folds to form the neural tube = opened book defect myeloschisis histology: adhesion of leptomeninges to brain parenchyma, persistent fetal vasculature and exuburent sinusoidal blood vessels, migration disorders encephalocele single ventricular cavity instead of 2 hemispheres holoprosencephaly what causes holoprosencephaly? A developmental failure of cleavage of the proencephalon w/wo a deficit in midline facial development what is holoprosencephaly associated with? Materal diabetes and maternal alcohol consumption what is the genetic abnormality associated with holoprosencephaly? Trisomy 13, followed by 18 what is always missing in holoprosencephaly? Olfactory bulb and tract what is agenesis.