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Home about contact amta national convention 2012 posted on october 4, 2012 by kelli wise • 0 comments tweet this is my second year attending the amta convention. This year, we’re in raleigh, north carolina. This is a lovely town with good food, friendly people and a walkable downtown. This year feels very different than last. I know many of the people here this year. Last year, i knew some of them through facebook, but we hadn’t met in person. This year is very different. I know many of the people from my home state – washington. I had a chance to get to know several of them when i attended the annual meeting for the wa chapter and had dinner with them. They are a terrific bunch and i’m thrilled that i’ve had the opportunity to get to know them. There’s annie lacroix, who hosted me in her school in wenatchee when i came over to teach an ethics ce class. There’s tianne and mary beth who both live near olympia. There’s scott who is a member of the sports massage team. There’s david who’s running for member-at-large. There’s patricia and delaney, who’s carrying around a map of the us with pins from each state. There’s adrianna, who i met in a class today and who moved to wa 3 years ago. I got a chance to introduce her to a couple of the other delegates and now she knows some new people. buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra sales uk discounted generic viagra where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online canada pharmacy buy viagra online I could go on, but there are about 18 of us here in raleigh. Needless to say, i’m particularly proud of the wa state chapter and everyone involved in it! I’ve been hugged by more people than i can count. I’ve gone out of my way to stop people i know to say hello. Wow, it’s been fun. Oh, and i went to a class, too. And i’ll go to a couple more. Mostly, though, it’s a chance to network, find out how people are doing, get to know them. Lisa santoro wants to open a center for cancer survivors and i got a chance to talk to her about that. Xerlan recently moved to pa and is starting a practice there and i got to hear how that’s going. So many stories about massage therapists doing what they love. It renews my spirit to be around these amazing people. I just want to take a moment and thank every one of them for letting me get to know them. I’m hoping to meet more of you so that next year will be even more fun. Filed under: amta the import.