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Rmd    what happens during a palliative care consultation? A doctor and/or nurse who specializes in palliative care will review the patient’s records and speak with the patient’s other doctors. order generic viagra online no prescription discount viagra generic best price buy female viagra usa viagra online sales buy viagra super active online viagra discount best place to buy viagra online buy viagra online cheap free shipping Members of the team will meet with the patient and/or his or her loved ones to assess patient and family needs. When appropriate, they will arrange a family care conference to discuss the patient’s medical issues, options and goals of care. The team will document findings in the medical record and make recommendations for treatment when necessary. What types of treatment can be provided? The palliative care team will provide care based on the unique needs of each patient. Patient and family involvement is encouraged to foster a better understanding of the illness and goals of care. • the palliative care team can address symptoms such as pain, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, nausea, weakness and other conditions causing discomfort. • the team can coordinate care when several specialists are treating varying aspects of the patient’s illness. • the team can assist with making daily physical activities easier and offer exercise and nutrition planning. • specialists in spiritual care and social work can address the spiritual, cultural and emotional aspects of care. • team members will support patients and families to ensure their goals of care are clearly understood and aligned with the medical treatments offered, especially if the patient becomes unable to communicate his or her wishes. • the team will assist patients, their families and the hospital staff to make plans for care upon discharge from the hospital. How are palliative care consultations requested? A palliative care consultation requires a doctor’s order. If you believe that you or your loved one would benefit from palliative care, you may ask your doctor to request a consultation. You may also receive more information by calling the palliative care team at 513-585-4157. Additional resources the christ hospital patient/family resources • palliative care at the christ hospital (pdf)  • palliative care in the icu (pdf)  • understanding the dying process (pdf)      national hospice & palliative care organization caring connections   center to advance palliative care resources u. S. National library of medicine—palliative care handbook for mortals: guidance for patient facing serious illness society of critical care medicine patient and family support american cancer society (nearing the end of life)   national cancer institute (preparing for the end of life) heart failure society of america patient education national ins.