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Asn’t even my regular doctor.   i was just seeing him to get a refill for my asthma medications.    the more i read about this celiac disease the more i am beginning to believe it’s all connected.    my brother died 6 years.   three months before he died he told me he had this celiac disease.   he said it was like an allergy to wheat and i should get tested.   he told me it was killing him but he couldn’t live like that.   he died of liver and kidney failure and at the time i contributed it to his drinking and taking statins for his heart, he’d had a quintuple bypass surgery in 1997.   he was also taking painkillers to combat the chronic joint pain he’d developed, probably caused by the statins,  and if the  . My great uncle and my grandpa both died of the same diagnoses that my brother had postmortem.   they all died young, between 57 and 61.   i don’t think i just have the alcohol, statins and opiates weren’t enough to ruin his liver and kidneys,  surely the tylenol they put in those pain killers would.   so you see i forgotten that he’d even told me he had celiac disease and it was killing him.   i have a battery of different tests over the last year, supposedly to rule out everything they’d forgotten to rule out before, because the number of times i would get these ocular migraines went from a few times a week back in 2008 to 10 or more a day in 2011.   still nothing.    about 6 months ago i started having these episodes of difficulty swallowing.   they only occurred at night after a particularly strenuous workout and having a drink or 2 before i would go to bed.   i use to have a drink or 2 every night up until 2008 when my brother died.   ever since then i will only have an alcoholic drink on friday or saturday nights.   even then it would only be a drink or 2.   so these episodes only occurred on friday nights and pretty infrequently at that.   it was like i’d forgotten how to swallow extremely weird huh.   this week for the first time at night i felt a milder form of this swallowing problem without working out or having anything to drink.   my grandfather and my uncle oscar died of liver and kidney failure as well both attributed to alcohol abuse.   i’m beginning to wonder.   i believe i may have a particularly malignant form of this celiac disease. cheap viagra for sale canadian viagra discounts viagra buying viagra discount sales buy viagra on the internet trusted on line sites to buy viagra cheapest generic viagra   the medical community just appears to be totally incompetent.   i was the one who discovered about magnesium from researching on the internet.   as far as testing the only things they have come up with is a thickening of the white matter in the brain that has not changed in size since 2008 and auditory testing that saw a difference from one left and right ears by flowing warm water over the tympanic membrane and checking for different level of nystagmus.   and de.